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Who we are

Sync-Audio’s team represents the finest music from emerging unsigned, Independent creators.

Our platform was built on discovery where creative filmmakers can find fresh original songs/tracks for their project. We supply quality that’s accessible, affordable, without copyright issues.

Mission statement

Sync-Audio was launched by music industry veteran Tesley Francis (alias T J Phillips). His own experience taught him the importance of protecting his content and maintaining an artistic independence.

At Sync-Audio we are passionate about music and its crucial role in our lives. Our goal is to provide a fair revenue platform for independent artists and outstanding content to our clients.

Sync-Audio is also the only platform we know that promotes poetry recordings for licensing across various media industries.

Frequent questions

Why should I create a user account?

Sync-Audio user account gives you access to preferences to express, create and download your choice of music for your project, including your licence on receipt. In return it allows us to retain user history. Your account remembers your contact details, play history and purchases to continually optimize your preferences to meet your needs.

What is a music licence?

A music licence allows you to use the artist music for your film, video or new media, even if the film or video/new media is for personal use, business use and non-profit use. A licence gives you the legal permission to use the artist music for your project.

Licence type?

Sync-Audio grants you a non-exclusive licence. All of our licence is valued for perpetuity of the film, video and new media that it was used in.

What kind of file will I be able to download?

You can download your purchases as WAV or MP3 files.

Single use

A single use license means the song/track can only be used once. 1 song/track synced to one edit of one video. It does not include cutdowns, edits, lifts, versions unless specified (separate licences would be required).

Commercial licence requests

Get your commercial licence quotes instantly.

End client

The end client is the company the project is for. The end client is whom the project is promoting.